Send SMS

SMS text messages can be sent from all three versions of Case Manager.

This feature is not automatically available. It needs to be enabled by contacting our Sales team, see SMS setup.

SMS messages can be created from scratch or from SMS templates that can contain a customised title, content and merge fields. The template can insert the recipient based on their Contact role and supply the relevant mobile phone number.

Send an SMS text message

Click the SMS icon at the case's Documents screen and select either:

  1. New SMS from template
  2. This displays the SMS templates linked to the case category:

    You can preview the templates if desired.

    Select a template and click OK. This takes you to the New SMS screen.

    Depending on your template, the screen may already contain content, including the To: field.

    Enter any additional text in Message.

  3. New blank SMS
  4. This takes you directly to the new SMS screen and it does not contain content.

    Select the case contact this is going to at To. You can see their role in the case in order to avoid mistakes.

    Enter the title of the SMS and add content to its Message.

    You can also enter the phone number yourself or select another recipient from your Case Manager database who is not connected to the case.

In both options there is a limit of 305 characters per SMS. This includes any content added by the template. You will be informed if you have exceeded the limit.

You can indicate whether you want to be emailed when an SMS reply is received.

Click Send to send the text message.

Click OK to complete the process.

Text messages in the documents list

In the Documents tab your new SMS will appear in the list of case documents, with an icon indicating that it is an SMS.

Its Properties screen displays the recipient.

Replies to SMS text messages

If the recipient replies to your SMS message the reply will return to Case Manager and join the list of documents.

It is identified with RE: at the beginning of its name. The details screen will display the original text as well as the response:

If you had selected the email notification option you will also receive an email letting you know that the reply arrived.

Note that you cannot reply to an SMS reply text message. Simply create a new SMS message instead.

Modifying messages

Editing and deleting

  • Naturally you cannot edit a SMS text once it has been sent, however at the Document details screen you can add a cost and/or forward it by email.
  • You are prevented from deleting an SMS once it has been sent or received.
  • If you need to delete it, you can unlock the document and then delete it.