Using this site

The learning site is a comprehensive database of information about Case Manager functions. The site includes a formal training program.

This page helps you get what you need from its resources.

Searching the site

  1. Enter your search text in this area.
  2. The search function does a keyword search, so it works best if you enter only the significant words that explain what you are looking for.

    For example:

    • how do I view a closed case? will also look for pages where how and I appear
    • view closed case will show you the page you need

    The pages that match your search text will display the matching text with search term highlights so that you can quickly locate the information that you need.

    If you want to search for a phrase rather than a word, type it inside quotation marks.

    Thus, the search results will only include pages where all the search words in the phrase appear together, rather than pages where any of these words appear anywhere on the page.

  3. Click this icon if you want to turn off the yellow highlights in the search results.

You will get more useful search results if you use the same terms as Case Manager does.