What's new in Version 6.1 of Case Manager?

We're pleased to announce the release of Version 6.1 of Case Manager.

Multi-factor authentication

The biggest news is the integration with Azure AD Single Sign-On, which provides the security of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

So you can log in to Case Manager via your Microsoft online credentials, with both enhanced security and convenience. See Sign in with Microsoft account for details.

SMS/text messaging for the Windows and web version

Previously you could only send texts from the Case Manager app, although you could view them in the other versions of Case Manager. Now you have full SMS functionality— templates, visibility, replies and notification—in both the Windows and web versions. Start at SMS overview for details.

This service uses a third party cloud service (rather than your mobile data) so there is a small charge per SMS.

Monitoring license usage

Now it's easier to monitor both your license usage and your license management in the Windows and web versions. You can quickly ascertain the total number of assigned and concurrent licenses, who has them and who is using them.

See Licenses FAQ for details.

Enhancements to the web version

Case Manager for Web 6.0 was the start of a new era. The new, re-designed web version is faster, cleaner and more intuitive, with a number of new features. Version 6.1 builds on this success.

At the Case List

There are times, particularly when creating ad hoc reports, when you want quick column totals. The web version can now display footers at the Case List.

At all lists

You can now move up and down lists using the arrow keys, just as you can in the Windows version.

Dragging emails from Outlook

Now you can drag and drop emails (with attachments) straight from Outlook into the web version. See Dragging emails into Case Manager for details

But there's more

For users of the Xero integration you now have the enhanced security provided by support for the new Xero API OAuth2 system.

Coming up

Next feature off the rank will be our new document manager for the web version. This will improve your workflow in that important activity of document creation and editing.

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