Emails at the Documentation tab

All the screenshots on this page do not reflect the changes in the new web version yet. See Case Manager for Web 6.0 for details.

It is easy to recognise the emails in the grid.

  1. Emails are indicated in the list by an email icon.
  2. The paper clip indicates that the email has attachment(s).

  3. The document title is the email Subject.

When you select an email the bottom of the window shows the email contents. There are three tabs above it. When you click them you see:

  1. the email details. This is the same for all documents and includes the creation date and author.
  2. a list of any email attachments.
  3. the properties of the email, including who sent it and to whom it was sent.
  1. You can click the name of the attachment to download it to your own computer for viewing or saving.


There are several columns you can select using the column chooser that are useful for emails:

  • the From address
  • whether it has attachments
  • attachment size
  • whether it is a draft email