Estimate examples

This page shows worked examples for the two ways that estimates can 'police' your case costs:

  • via permitted activities
  • via activities with permitted charge codes

These approaches are explained at Estimates, activities and charge codes.

The examples use the Windows version of Case Manager; the process is very similar in the web version, except where indicated.

A simple worksite assessment

You have agreed to perform a worksite assessment for a Comcare case and to adhere to the following quote. You cannot exceed it.

If you don't use an estimate it takes time to track how you are going as you bill costs against the case:

If you do use an estimate it will automatically track how you are going and stop you exceeding the quote. There are two kinds of estimates.

Estimate polices via activities

A more flexible worksite assessment - policing via charge codes

You need your worksite assessment quote to be more flexible.

Specifically, it's a Return to Work - same employer assessment. You want the freedom to bill any combination of assessment and liaison, so long as the total is 5 hours. These activities have the same charge code, OR02.

So you agree on the following quote:

Now your estimate will enable you to add up to $990 worth of any activities with a OR02 charge code, which includes assessment and liaison.


For caparison, the two quotes are:

The two estimates and their estimate costs are: