The SMS feature enables you to send SMS messages from the Case Manager. The feature is not automatically available and needs to be enabled. Texts are sent from Case Manager using a third party cloud service (rather than your own mobile data) so there is a charge to send them. You pay for bundles of text messages.

SMS setup and payment

The Chameleon Software Sales team can enable SMS in Case Manager.

When we set this up, we ask you when you want to be notified that your bundle of paid text messages is running out. For example, when there are 10 texts left, or 100 left, and so on. You will receive a reminder email when the bundle gets to this limit. The email is sent to your nominated email address.

If your bundle does run out, you cannot send a text message. This protects you against assuming that your text message functionality is as before (record keeping, replies received in the Case Manager, use of templates, etc) and forgetting to manage all details yourself.

In this situation you would need to send the text from your own phone (see below). No record of this text is kept in Case Manager. You could take a snapshot of the screen and store this in Case Manager.

You can purchase additional SMS bundles whenever you like. Alternatively you can request that the service be disabled.

Comparison of your SMS options in the app

When you do not enable the feature you can initiate sending an SMS from the Contents or Documents screens in the Case Manager app. You will be taken to your phone's personal text messaging service, with the contact's mobile number loaded.

No record of such texts is kept in Case Manager, SMS templates do not apply and replies will not be received and stored in the app.

If you needed to create a record of case texts sent or received, you'd need to create phone screenshots and store them as images in the app.

The table below compares the functionality available at the app when the SMS feature has been enabled and when it has not.



Texts and replies are automatically sent/received by app and recorded as documents.

They are visible to other users and ready for audits and subpoenas. Texts are visible all versions of Case Manager.

Users can be informed by email when a reply to a text message is received.

Templates, merge fields and role-based recipient functionality is available when writing texts, which enables users to work more efficiently and consistently.
User's work life and personal life are kept separate.
User can send text messages from tablets without a SIM card.