Set up system email settings

This page summarises the system email settings.

Select Tools > Options and click the Email tab to access the System email settings.

There are three sub tabs:

Global Signature tab

This setting applies to 'blank emails' where there is no email signature. See Global Email Signature for configuration details.

Outgoing Mail Server tab

Outgoing Mail Server

At this tab you configure the global outgoing mail server settings and an authenticated username and password.

This can enable users to send email, depending of the email setup at your business.

Case Manager System Email

At the same tab you also set the Case Manager System Email. This is essential when Case Manager needs to send emails, such as with forgotten passwords and SMS reply notifications.

How to configure these

There are different requirements here, depending on which version of Case Manager you are running and what kind of email setup you have at your business. See Email server configuration: an overview.


The Other tab includes email customisation options, and invoice email settings and appointment email templates:

  1. Double-clicking an email address for a case contact creates a new email document
  2. When creating a new email document for a case contact, use both email addresses
  3. Set the Send button as the default action on the email form

  1. This section includes the default settings for emailing an invoice, see Invoice email settings for full details.
  2. This section includes settings for emailing calendar invites, see Appointment email templates.

Saving changes

After making changes click OK to save them and close the window. Alternatively click Apply to just save and apply them.