Word merge fields

This page applies only when you cannot use the add-in to install the merge fields window in your copy of Word. Usually this is because you are using an Apple computer with a post-2008 version of Word, see Add merge field to template directly for details.

To obtain a handy list of all standard Word merge fields in Case Manager download our Word master document.

The document lists all the merge fields and offers you a quick way to access them.

To use the document:

  • Add this document as a Word document template at the Document Templates List.
  • For convenience change its name to *Word merge fields so it appears first in the list.
  • Un-check its Active check box so that it is not available for creating documents at the case.

When creating a new Word document template:

  • Open this document too and use the table of contents or the navigation pane to locate the required merge fields.
  • Copy and paste the merge fields from this document into your new Word template.


  • Be sure to copy the entire field, including the special characters at the beginning and end, e.g. «CaseNumber».
  • You cannot simply type <<CaseNumber>> into the Word template because the arrow characters will not be recognised as surrounding a merge field.

  • When copying lists and tables, be sure to also copy the merge fields that mark the beginning and end of the list/table.
  • Naturally the master document cannot contain your own case and contact custom fields and roles. You should copy these using the merge fields window in a formatted text template and paste them into your copy of this document.