Password settings

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It is essential to prevent unauthorised people logging in to your Case Manager system and accessing your data. The system needs to be as secure as possible.

This is particularly important when the login screen is available on the internet.

Case Manager provides a suite of password functions to ensure that user passwords are as strong as possible. These reduce the risk of unauthorised access to the system that can occur when passwords are easily-crackable or if users keep the same passwords too long.

You can also log in to Case Manager using your Microsoft Azure account. This convenient method provides single sign-on (SSO) and the additional security of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

And users logging in to the mobile app can use a passcode that is connected to their login password(s). A number of additional security features apply here, see Mobile app security.

Password settings

To open the password settings select Tools > Options from the main menu.

Click the Security tab. You will find the Global password policy section underneath the section for Authentication services.

The settings at A, G and H-K set the complexity of passwords.

B, C and D determine how often they need to be changed.

E and F deter password generators that make multiple login attempts to log in.