Estimates and rounding

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Estimate rounding

Cost rounding can lead to a potential issue with estimates. Rounded results are added up in the estimate cost, with the result that a minute or so of a certain activity may be 'missing' and cannot be added to the case.

Cost rounding

When Case Manager adds an activity cost, it multiplies the rate per hour by the amount of time to calculate the cost in dollars and cents:

total cost = rate * time

The table below shows two examples.


per hr





Rate multiplied by time


$200 6 0.1 20 $20.00
$195.47 6 0.1 19.547 $19.55

You can see in the second row that the result of the multiplication has been rounded up to $19.55 in order to convert it to dollars and cents.

Thus, when the rounded results are added up, a minute or so of a certain activity can appear to be 'missing' and it cannot be added to the case.

Explanation and solution

This is demonstrated in the example below using a very simple estimate. As explained, a solution is to turn the Round final cost estimate setting on: