Locked documents

In certain installations of Case Manager, linked documents such as Word files need to be locked to make sure that users can edit them without overwriting each other's changes.

This video explains the simple steps you should follow to ensure things work smoothly.

Video credits

As we saw in the video:

  • When you update, save and close a Word file and then return to Case Manager, the document's lock is released and the updated file becomes available to other users.
  • The Locked documents window is only displayed when documents are locked.
  • In Case Manager you may notice that it appears when you initiate the opening of the Word document.

    When you close the document in Word and return to Case Manager, the window disappears. It only remains when document locking issue(s) need to be resolved.

What are the other icons in the window?

When Jack's Locked Documents window looks like the one above, he had actually been working on a temporary, local copy of the Word document, although he was not aware of it.

  1. As the video showed, Jack clicked the first icon when he accidentally left the Word document unlocked.
  2. His local copy of the document was then uploaded to Case Manager.

    It replaced the original version and the document lock was released. Then the temporary document was deleted.

  3. If he had clicked this icon, he would upload his local document but the lock would not be released.
  4. Jill would then see his updated version, but she still could not edit it.

  5. If he clicked this icon he would release the lock.
  6. However, this would not upload his temporary local document and his changes would be lost.

    Jill would then be able to edit the original document.

  7. If he clicked this icon he could access his temporary local file again.

For more detailed information see Locking and unlocking documents.