Linked documents


All text documents and emails are stored inside the Case Manager database with other data, such as billing information.

However, other kinds of documents are stored in a separate area outside the database, so that other programs (e.g. Word or Excel) can access them easily. We refer to these as linked files.

To manage these linked files Case Manager coordinates its activities with programs such as Word. You could think of this as a kind a 'dance' involving pairs composed of Case Manager and another program (see below).

Detailed information is only relevant if you are sharing your Case Manager system with other users under particular circumstances. Here a document locking mechanism prevents users overwriting each other's changes to linked documents. Case Manager hides most of the complexity from you. However, there are a few simple steps you should follow to ensure this runs smoothly. See Locking documents for an overview video and links to the details.

Documents and coordination with other programs - a metaphor

Linked documents require coordination with programs outside Case Manager, e.g. Microsoft Word. So Case Manager must perform choreographed 'dances' with these programs in order to manage them.

Case Manager is designed to perform well with Word for word processing and Excel for spreadsheets. You could say that the dance steps are quite 'connected' (A above). These documents can be previewed at the Documentation grid and their templates can contain merge fields that pull information out of the Case manager database and put it into documents.

With other kinds of linked documents, such as videos, these are listed in the Documentation grid but cannot be previewed in Case Manager. They need to be previewed by the program on your computer that is associated with them. Additionally, their templates cannot use merge fields. Thus, you could say that the dance steps for such pairs (Case Manager and these programs) are coordinated, but less connected (B).

The situation is very different for plain and formatted text documents. Case Manager can manage these documents completely by itself - previews, edits, locks, templates and merge fields - and does not need another application program. You could say that it is able to dance alone (C).

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