Multiple companies and Xero integration

The Case Manager Xero API invoice integration is set up to send invoices to one Xero account only.

However some companies are using Xero for more than one business or company and wish to integrate their Case Manager invoices and payments with multiple business accounts.

There are two ways that Xero can be 'segmented' to represent multiple businesses:

  • Multiple organisations
  • Each Xero organisation can be thought of as a single database of accounting data.

  • Multiple charts of accounts
  • A single Xero organisation can have multiple charts of accounts.

Multiple Xero Charts of accounts

By default, every Xero organisation has an Account 200 revenue account but you can add as many charts of accounts as are required for other business entities or revenue streams.

If you have multiple charts of accounts you can use the Case Manager Xero API integration to export invoices to one of these chart of accounts (typically Account 200).

You then use the CSV Xero export to export CM invoices to the other charts of accounts.

Payments made against any of these invoices will automatically return to Case Manager (for all the charts of accounts) since they all sit under the one organisation.

Multiple Xero Organisations

If you have multiple Xero organisations then the data in these organisations cannot be reported together. They are in separate 'silos'.

When we configure the Case Manager Xero connection we can only set it up against a single organisation. We don't currently support multiple organisations.

You can use the CSV Xero export to import CM invoices into the other organisations. However, payments made against such invoices will not automatically return to Case Manager since no connection was made with the other organisations.