Integration with Xero

Your Case Manager database can now be integrated with a Xero database via an API (Application programming Interface).

You might like to start with the introductory video:

The integration is simple to set up and use.

For invoices you export journaled Invoices in batches to Xero. This creates matching invoices in Xero, with full line item detail.

The payments integration is optional and assumes that payments are entered first in Xero.

If you switch it on, every time a Case Manager invoice is paid in Xero, the payment is sent automatically to Case Manager, where it creates a matching payment transaction for the invoice.

Each business sets up their Xero system in order to meet their own requirements. The Case Manager integration does not eliminate your need to develop expertise in Xero. It simply makes it easy for you to export Case Manager invoices to Xero and receive payment information back into Case Manager.

Copies and originals

In the integration the invoice originals are created in Case Manager.

Copies of the invoices are sent to Xero in batches:

In contrast, the payment originals are in Xero.

Each time a Xero payment is created (added, modified or deleted) against a Case Manager invoice a copy of the payment is sent to Case Manager.

Mapping between the two systems


The Xero invoice fields are sourced from the Case Manager invoice, see Invoice mapping between the two systems.


Case Manager payment fields are sourced from the Xero payment, see Payment mapping between the two systems.

Adjustments and Refunds

In most cases you rarely need to create Invoice adjustments or payment refunds.

If you add an adjustment to an invoice in Case Manager you will need to enter this change manually in Xero.

Similarly, if you change an invoice in Xero you will need to create a matching adjustment in Case Manager to synchronise the two systems.

Likewise, if you issue a refund in Xero for a Case Manager invoice payment you would create a matching refund transaction in Case Manager in order to synchronise the two systems.


In the web version of Case Manager you can view a customisable dashboard that assists you to identify and address Xero transactions that fail for any reason.


  • The API invoice integration described above is set up to send invoices to one Xero account only.
  • If you need to send invoices to more than one Xero account, see the information at Multiple companies and Xero.

  • Prior to version 5.3 of Case Manager, invoices were integrated with Xero using its import facility. If you need to use this, instruction are at Import invoice into Xero using its import function.