Monitor estimates

The screenshots on this page do not all reflect the new web version yet.

There are a number of places in the system where you can compare the costs added to a case against the amounts specified in its estimate. This enables consultants and administrators to monitor, for example, when an estimate is about to run out of money or which estimate costs have time remaining.

As described on this page:

  • you monitor estimates at the macro level by reviewing cases in the Case List. You can use Case List criteria to create a custom view of the list.
  • you can monitor a case's estimate(s) at its Estimate tab.
  • at the Costs tab you can use the choose a column to display an icon where costs are linked to an estimate.
  • If you hover the cursor over an icon you can see further details, see below.

  • you monitor estimates at a micro level when you enter or edit a cost for the case.

Naturally, if you are wondering how your estimate is working (policing method, strictness, etc) generally, you start by looking at the estimate settings.