Saved views

As explained in the Case List Criteria overview, whenever you see the Case List a saved view has already been applied:

To look at the information in your database in vastly different ways simply change views.

You can access Case List Criteria by selecting Configure case lists from the dropdown list.

The Case List Criteria window pops up.

When you are editing in the Filter and Columns tabs, you can update the current saved view by clicking Save. If you did not create the current view, you need a specific permission in order to update it, see Shared view permissions below.

Access saved views

To access saved views click the Details tab in the Case List Criteria.

You can create your own saved views and, if you have permission, you can share them.

  1. Click the new icon to create a new view. Enter its name in Description.
  2. Edit the Filter and Columns settings in their own tabs and save the view.

  3. If you have the required permission, you can specify that other users can also see your saved view
  4. You can turn this check box off and on.

    Users can make temporary changes to the view but they cannot save these changes unless they have the required permission.

  5. Click Save to save your changes to the view.
  6. Click Duplicate to duplicate the current view
  7. Click Delete to delete the current view
  8. Click the cross icon to close the Case List Criteria window.

Saved views grid

The list of saved views has some standard list tools that allow you to sort, filter and select columns to display.

Shared view permissions

Two permissions regulate saved views:

  • permission to allow a user to share their saved views:
  • Can share saved views

  • permission to allow a user to modify or delete saved views created by other users:
  • Can alter saved views created by another user

Click here for an older video demonstration of creating new saved views. Note that this is the Windows version of Case Manager where things are done a little differently, however the concepts are the same .