Create Word templates

This page does not reflect the changes in the new web version yet. See Case Manager for Web 6.0 for details.

Every new Word document that you create in Case Manager is based on a template. You create templates at the Document Templates List. When you first start using the system, sample templates are available to help get you started. You can modify these to suit your own requirements.

Add a Word template

  1. Select Lists > Document templates from the main menu.
  2. Click the new template icon .
  3. Select Word Document from the Template Type dropdown list.

  1. Choose whether to create a blank file or browse and locate an existing file to start off with.
  2. Click OK.
  3. At the next window name the template in the Description field.

  1. As with all templates, you can specify the Title of documents created using Word templates and also include merge fields in the title, see Shared template features for details.
  2. If you tick this setting you will be alerted that a cost should be added when documents are created from this template, see Add cost to document.
  3. You can restrict Word templates to certain categories, see Shared template features.
  4. Click Save to save the new template.

You have now created and saved a simple Word template and it appears in the template list. You will need to go into Word to edit it.

With these documents the file is not stored inside the Case Manager database. Instead, it is stored in an outside, file sharing area of the system where other programs can access it. Thus, we refer to it as a linked file. For this kind of file, when you want to edit it you need to lock it and download a copy of the file to your own computer. When you have finished editing the local file, you upload it back into Case Manager where it replaces the original, see Downloading, editing and uploading documents for more details.

Three new icons appear after step 10. These enable you to manage the new linked Word template file.

  1. Click the padlock icon to lock and download the template to your computer.
    • Locate your local file and edit it in Word, adding merge fields as required.
    • After saving and closing the file, return to Case Manager. Upload the template and release the lock using the Locked Documents window, see Locking and downloading documents for details.

Note that the other icons next to the padlock above allow you to download a read-only copy of the template or to release the lock without uploading anything. See Locking and unlocking documents for information about why you might choose these options.

Merge fields and Word

The easiest way to insert merge fields into a Word template is using the Merge Fields Window. It is simple to Install the Case Manager add-in for Word.

There are some circumstances where you need to use different techniques, see Add merge field directly for full details.

Click here to see an older video on creating word document templates. Note that this is the Windows version of Case Manager, however you should still find it useful.