Document permissions

All the screenshots on this page do not reflect the changes in the new web version yet. See Case Manager for Web 6.0 for details.

Permissions settings either allow or don't allow the user to perform a particular action in the system, see Permissions for details.

To access the permissions related to cations with or on documents go to the Security Groups List. Select Lists > Security Groups List from the main menu.

The permissions related to documents are shown below:

  1. This group relates to document templates: permissions to view, modify, add and delete them.
  2. This specifies whether case documents are visible or not.
  3. This group relates to documents generally: permission to view, modify, add and delete them.
  4. The Can alter old documents permission enables the alteration of old documents, i.e. documents defined in the document settings as locked after a certain number of days.
  5. This regulates who can change documents that they did not create.
  6. This relates to who can resolve locked documents at the Document Lock Manager.
  7. This regulates who can delete a document that has been emailed.
  8. This regulates who can add a document of behalf of other users. This function changes the author of the document and any merge fields that relate to the user, including the signature and email address.
  9. This controls who can duplicate a document. The Duplicate button is not hidden, the system simply displays an error if a user without this permission tries to duplicate a document.
  10. This allows users to see the Documentation tab.
  11. This allows users to see the Document Templates List.