Quick search

The new search tool in Case manager for Web 6.0 quickly filters a list and highlights information containing the search text.

This feature doesn't just apply to the Case List. It applies to all lists, such as the Company List, the Document Templates List, etc.

Click image to see these features in action. Click again to close.

You can see in the demonstration above that rows with text that contains the search text are displayed. The search text is highlighted in yellow.

The filter icon at the top of the Case List changes to indicate that the list is being filtered.

The demonstration also shows the grid filter in action at the Case List.

You can also type Control-F to use your browser's own search tool to locate the search text anywhere it occurs in the current web page. Note that performance in very long lists is enhanced by switching on virtual scrolling however, as explained, this limits the browser's search tool.

Other tools are available to find documents and find invoices.