Costs overview

When a case worker does work on a case or an item or service is purchased for a case, these expenses are recorded as costs in the case.

Every cost in the system is linked to a case and to an employee.

Costs provide the foundation for invoices. Usually you enter the cost details as they are incurred and then create invoices from the costs at a later date.

Each case has a Costs tab where you can see a list of all the costs linked to this case and whether they have been invoiced.

When you add the cost you are usually choosing from activities linked to the case's category. This is a supervised process that may involve adhering to a case estimate, which further limits the activities available at the case.

Costs and invoices

A cost can be edited if it is an unbilled cost, i.e. it has not already been invoiced. If it has been invoiced but the invoice has draft status, you can edit the cost from within the invoice.

If a change needs to be made to an invoiced cost you can make an adjustment against the invoice at the Account tab.

Below is an older video demonstration of the different methods of adding a cost.