Other Lists

The screenshots on this page do not all reflect the new web version yet.

The Other Lists area is where you add, delete and modify the many options that appear throughout Case Manager, usually in dropdown lists.

For example, if you need to create a new task, you create a new entry in the Task Title List.

They are accessed by selecting Lists > Other Lists from the main menu and selecting a particular list from the List Type dropdown list.

You should customise these so that they reflect the terminology your business uses.

The table shows lists in the Other Lists collection and indicates where they are relevant.

NameUse in Case Manager
Activity List Cost and Estimate tab
Appointment Title ListAppointments and calendars
Banks ListPayments (Account tab)
Card Types ListPayments (Account tab)
Case Flag ListCase heading and Case Details tab
Case Status ListCase Details tab
Category ListCase Details tab
Cause ListCase Details tab
Charge Code List

Cost tab and Estimate tab

Condition ListCase Details tab
Contact Role ListContact tab and Documentation tab
Country ListSystem Option settings
Department List Company Details (Case Details tab, Contact tab)
Document Template List Creating new documents (Documentation tab)
Employment Status List Case Details tab
Estimate Goal ListEstimate tab
Estimate Objective ListEstimate tab
Invoice Group ListInvoicing and Case Details tab
Office List Case Details tab
Outcome List Closed cases (Case Details tab)
Payment Terms List

Invoices (Account tab)

Use options to set company payment terms at Invoice options tab of Company List.

Position List Contact tab
Referral type ListCase Details tab
Requirement List Case Details tab
Service List Contact tab and Employee List
Subject ListDocumentation tab
Task Late Completion Reason ListTask Tab (Completion tab)
Task Not Finished Reason ListTask Tab (Completion tab)
Task Status ListTask Tab
Task Title ListTask Tab
Team List Case Details tab
Title List Task tab

Managing lists

As with all Case Manager lists, these lists can be managed using list tools and list members can be restricted in various ways, such as to certain categories. See Lists for details.

Video demonstration of Other Lists. Note that this is the Windows version of Case Manager, however you should still find it useful.