Appointments help you schedule and manage meetings.

An appointment records a meeting's title, details, status, date + time and duration. It is assigned to a particular user.

An appointment can be recurrent, that is it can occur at regular intervals.

Appointments also record meeting attendees, divided into:

  1. employees
  2. case contacts

Appointments are usually, but not always, linked to cases.

When you create appointments you are warned if the appointment would overlap with any existing appointments for the invitees, both employees and case contacts, see Double bookings.

When you create non-recurrent appointments that are linked to a case you can send meeting invite emails to the employees who are attending.

Appointments and availability

Appointments record meetings but they can also be set up to indicate employee availability for meetings and to target employees who are available to provide particular services, see Manage employee availability.


Case appointments are viewed at each case's Calendar tab, where you can also create appointments for the case.

The system Calendar can display all appointments in the system, including those not linked to a case. Here you can also create appointments, including those not linked to cases.

You can view and filter the appointments displayed at all calendars, including case calendars. Appointments can be displayed in a grid or in daily, weekly, monthly or timeline calendar formats. In these formats you can hover the cursor over an appointment to display the main details.

Appointments appear in the Calendar of the user assigned to the appointment and in the Calendars of any other users who are attendees.

Appointments and merge fields

Case appointments can be inserted into Word documents using a tabular merge field. The Appointments list lists all the case appointments in one table and can be customised to display other information such as the employee responsible, see Appointments list merge field.

The title and details of an appointment can be included in meeting invite emails using merge fields, see Appointment email templates.

Appointment titles

The set of possible appointment titles is created at the Appointment Title List, which is located by selecting Lists >Other Lists from the main menu, see Other Lists.