Quick quiz

Question 1

You are told that consultants are now required to add a new cost to their Comcare cases. You've been asked to set this up and you've been told to make sure that the new cost can't be accidentally added to any other kinds of cases. What do you do?

Question 2

An employee comes to you and says that he has forgotten his password and can't log on to Case Manager. What can you do?

Question 3

Fred Smith has left your company and Betty Jones has been promoted to a more senior position with managerial duties. What should you change in Case Manager?

Question 4

A status report needs to be regularly created for your cases that lists all the client details and important elements of the case status.

You've received complaints that these are taking too long to type up, too long to format and that transcription errors are occurring. How can you assist?

Question 5

You are told that for some cases it's important to have quick access to the date of the most recent conversation with each of the case contacts, including the client. How could you help enable storage of this date?

Question 6

You are told that this information is only needed for WorkCover WA cases and your new field is confusing people who are working on cases with other categories. What can you do?



If your Case Manager system is hosted by Chameleon Software you do not need to answer the next three questions. We have put best practice procedures in place for you.

Question 7

Your Word documents are stored in a separate folder outside the Case Manager database. This is becoming quite large and you are running low on storage space. What can you do?

Question 8

What are some reasons why you might suddenly need to get your hands on a backup of your Case Manager system?

Question 9

Each night you go to the computer hosting your Case Manager database. You locate the Case Manager database file and copy it to a USB stick. Then you store this in a locked drawer under the computer.

However, this still leaves you vulnerable to disaster. Why?

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