Case Manager Version 6.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 6.4 with a number of new features and enhancements that have been announced or requested.

You will notice that some new features are only available on the web version. This expresses our commitment to enhance the web version as our platform of choice.

Release Notes

These Release Notes list the changes made to Case Manager Version 6.4. Please click the link below to download the latest copy:

Download Release Notes

New Features

Custom Field Enhancements

A new Custom Field Type has been added. The new Multi Select data type allows you to select multiple options for a pre-defined list on a case. When used as a Merge Field, the selected values appear as a comma-separated list.


It is now possible to duplicate existing Custom Field configurations via the Web Version of Case Manager. With this option, a new Custom Field is created and all properties from the original Custom Field are copied.


To enhance the customisation options for cases, Custom Fields can now be added to other areas of Case Manager, such as:

  • The Case Details Tab: A dedicated Custom Fields section can be added to this tab to store relevant case details.

  • Documents: A list of Custom Fields can be appended to document entries.

  • Activities: A set of Custom Fields can be added to your Activity List to store relevant cost details.

This allows you to better tailor the fields on your cases to best suit your business needs.


See Custom Fields for further details.

Enhanced Grid View for Reports

Report outputs have received a new look for the Web Version of Case Manager.


Similar to the Desktop Version of Case Manager, you can now run reports directly into a Grid:

The Grid can then be exported as a list or to a specific file type such as PDF, Excel, or Word. You can also toggle the visibility of the report's columns to better refine the output.


See Reports for more information.

Transaction Preview Modal

Transactions can now be previewed directly in the Web Version of Case Manager.


When selecting the Preview option for a transaction listed on the Accounts Tab, a pop-up modal will appear within Case Manager, rather than navigating to a new browser tab:

You can then choose to print the previewed transaction, or save a copy to the Documentation Tab.


See Accounts Tab for further details.

Web Version URL Enhancement

The Web Version of Case Manager will now remember the last screen you were using.


In the event that you are logged out, either due inactivity or network issues, you can pick up where you left off the next time you log in.

Bulk Download PDF Invoices

In the Web Version, the Invoice Batch Utility features a new option that allows you to export your invoices to PDF in two different ways:

  • You can export all invoices as a single PDF.

  • You can export all invoices as separate PDFs.

This is helpful if you need to upload individual invoices to a claiming or provider portal.

Enhanced Merge Field Scope

The Merge Fields feature has been enhanced to also work for SMS and Plain Text templates.


You can now pull data from across Case Manager to assist with pre-filling either of these template types.

Case Contact Telephony

Case Manager now supports the use of external Telephony applications.


If you have a Telephony application set up on your device, you can navigate to your Case Contacts and dial directly from Case Manager:

Doing this will automatically open your Telephony application and pre-fill the selected contact's phone number.

Grid Improvements

If you like to rearrange your Grid columns as well as expand columns with custom widths, Case Manager will now remember the order and widths of any columns that you adjust.


This means they will stay how you left them the next time you navigate to or reload the Grid.

Email Address Tiling

When composing an Email in the Web Version, the recipient's email address will be rendered as a 'Tile' that displays the full name of the contact:

This is to make email addresses easier to read, delete, and manage.

Enhanced Menu Item Multitasking

To make Multitasking easier in the Web Version of Case Manager, you can now right-click on menu items and open them in new browser tabs.

This allows you to alternate between tabs more easily, without need to navigate away from the original tab.

Web Version Scalable Modals

In the Web Version of Case Manager, Modals are pop-up sections that appear over your original screen. As seen when sending emails or previewing transactions.

These pop-ups used to be a fixed size. However, you can now expand, drag, and adjust these Modals to better fit your screen.

New Security Group Permissions

The latest release of Case Manager features a number of new Permissions that allow you to add further restriction to certain features.


The list of new permissions is as follows:

  • Can alter transactions locked by locking rules.

  • Can send email to non case contacts.

  • Allow changes to case contact company name.

  • Allow changes to case contact name.

  • Allow changes to case contact email.

  • Allow changes to case contact phone/mobile.

  • Allow changes to case contact address.

  • Can Assign or Remove BillTo Case Contact Role.

  • Can Assign or Remove Client Case Contact Role.

  • Can Assign or Remove Employer Case Contact Role.

  • Can Assign or Remove Referrer Case Contact Role.

  • Can use the Windows Desktop Client.

  • Can send SMS to non case contacts.


Please note, these new permissions are only enabled for System Administrators by default. You may wish to review your Security Groups and allow these new permissions where necessary.