What's new in version 5.3

This page outlines the new features released in version 5.3 of Case Manager.

It also provides links to further information about them.

Case Manager anywhere you are


For consultants, the most exciting news is the second release of our Case Manager App.

Now you can quickly and securely log on to multiple databases using just a passcode.

And you can add fully integrated documents, emails and images at your cases.


New app features


A suite of security features including login timeouts protect your system against any unauthorised access to your data.


No more remembering your login details when you are on the road. One passcode can securely connect you to multiple Case Manager databases.


Need to check case documents on the road? No problem. Need to add case notes and photos? You can now create and edit plain text documents and add images to the case directly from your phone.

Emails Sending emails from Case Manager is easy. And you can take advantage of Case Manager email features including templates, automatically including case details and attaching case documents.

We now have a separate learning site dedicated to the app, its functioning and its features, see Case Manager app for more details.


The list of Case Manager integrations just keeps on getting longer.

Formerly Case Manager invoices were imported into Xero using a .CSV file.

We now offer full integration with Xero, including invoices and payments, see Xero integration.

Of course there are other new features and numerous enhancements that you have requested.

Calendars, tasks and time

Our calendar functions are being enhanced.

The first phase of the more powerful functionality is released in 5.3. Now you can:

  • create appointments and send meeting invite emails to the employees involved in the meeting
  • use document templates with your meeting invite emails
  • manage updated and cancelled appointments

See Appointments for details.

New columns in the Time Sheet

At the Time Sheet you can now display columns for case category and the Referrer case contact, see Employee time sheets.

New columns for task analysis

When you display tasks at a case or analyse a list of Tasks the columns can now includes the case's team and requirement fields, see Tasks list.

Emails and documentation

New merge field for de-indentified documents

When you need to produce de-identified documents you can refer to clients and all case contacts by their initials rather than their full names using the new Intital merge field, see Contacts merge fields for details.

New recipient for email templates

Emails can already be created using text templates that automatically specify email recipients. Now you can add the Assign To user to the recipients, see Email recipients defined by role in the case.

Email templates

When you create a new email at the case you now select only from templates you have specifically targeted for email use, see Create email template.


Employee services When employees are linked with one or more services you can quickly filter the Employee List to locate those with a particular service.
Inactivating employees

When an employee leaves your business it is now much simpler to remove their access to your system, see When an employee leaves.

More information about estimates for costs At a case's Costs tab you can hover your cursor over the icon indicating a cost is linked to an estimate. A pop-up window displays the linked estimate, the linked objective (if it exists) and the name of the linked estimate cost.

More information when excluding invoices at the batch utility

In the third step of the Invoice Batch Utility you exclude invoices from the batch before specifying what you want to do with the batch. The case's Assign To user can now be displayed at this step, see Invoice Batch utility.

Limiting Assigned To by employee memberships

Sometimes you need to make employees members of a category/office/team in order to manage the Assign To dropdown list. However, you do not want to also give such employees any extra access to cases through this membership. This is now possible, see Memberships and the Assign To dropdown list.

Web users

Sorting the Case List

Sorting the Case List now works in the same manner as the Windows version, allowing you to easily sort the list by one column heading, then a second, and so on. See Sorting the list of cases.

Ajax spinner

On slow internet connections, pop-up windows were sometimes empty for a few seconds before they could be displayed. An ajax spinner (animated circle) now informs users that a window is loading.

Documents and linked costs

As in the Windows version, when a document has a linked cost you can preview it from the Costs tab, see Add cost to document.

Defect fix

Date Time custom field

Formerly the time portion was not displaying properly at a case. This has been rectified.